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Michelle Harcourt

Director and Founder

Director, Michelle Harcourt brings a unique blend of over 30 years nursing and aged care expertise, including 17 years as an aged care quality assessor. A natural communicator, Michelle leads the team to meet her clients unique organisational challenges. Harcourt Aged Care Advisors specialise in compliance, governance, risk and critical incident investigations.

Michelle is a specialist Nurse Advisor with experience in in supporting services to rectify non-compliances, meet timetables for improvement and lifting sanctions.  In addition to advising providers to meet their accreditation, she provides policy development, strategic planning and change management services. Mentorship and training for staff is provided with a focus on practical learnings.

Our Advisory Team

Marg Foulsum – Speech Pathologist

Prue Dear – RN, Aged Care IT Experience

Danni Campbell-Manley – RN, Specialising in ACFI

Steve Voogt – Nurse Practitioner

Our Partners

Leigh Wellings – RN, ACFI expert

Australian Strategic Services Pty Ltd

Grounded Communications Pty Ltd

Russell Kennedy Lawyers